There is nothing that I am more grateful for today than my family. They are the constants in my life...no matter what they are always there!

So Happy Thanksgiving!

I love you Keith, Mom & Dad, Kalla, Sara, Zach, K'Von, K'Liyah, and KeAwn!



I love driving and I love my car...but only when it runs! In the past year (or a little less) I have been stranded multiple times because my belt or alternator has gone out in my car. I have been stranded on the highway (both 71 and 75), I have been stranded at work, I have been stranded on the road, and in parking lots...but never at home. I have cried over being stranded...but one thing always remains the same--it always work out. This summer and fall have been really bad with the car dying, but I have always had a car. My parents, who took Kalla's Saturn when it she moved to Houston/Plano have lent me the car multiple times this summer (though I had a few issues with that car too!) and when the Saturn wasn't available I used the Echo--thanks Sara for giving up your ride! And my dad has been great--he has changed my belt every time, put in a new alternator, and changed the battery--let's see he has become an expert and can do it no time now. All my dad asked for was a new set of tools for Christmas that would make this job even easier!
So the story goes...I love my car when it is running. When the belt is staying at a 14 on the volt meter and everything is going smooth...I hate my car when it decides to do it's own thing and I get stuck on the road or wherever...but through all this I have learned that family and friends are always there when I need them...so thanks: Dad, Keith, Mom, Scott, Sarah, Keith, Don, Sara, and Zach for always coming to the rescue when I need you!


AEzine Challenge 11.17.06

This week I want you to take a bit of time to check out your own style. What defines your style? Create a layout shows examples of your own style evolution - write about how you have grown as a life artist/scrapbooker since you first began. These sorts of stories are so important as a part of your own personal history. How cool for your family to see all the layouts you have created AND a layout that talks about how you see yourself evolving as a life artist/ scrapbooker.
Materials Used: Paper and Alphabet: Vintage Florals collection from www.shabbyprincess.com, Font: Rockwell Condensed (computer)
Jornaling reads: (upper right corner)
I look at these two pages side to by side and I see differences and similarities. Similar look in that the story-both through the pictures and words is the most important, differences-my art has evolved and changed. I cannot choose one style over another for they both tell stories about me and where I was in my creative side! Both pages represent...me!
(lower left corner)
Then: 4th of July 2003
Taken from the scrapbook of mine and Keith’s first year of dating...lots of rubber stamping with images colored in...a little ribbon
Now: Now and Forever
Cover of wedding album...uses lots of texture, multiple papers, chalking paper to change color, letting the picture tell the story without a bunch of words


AEzine Challenge 11.10.06

The challenge:Here's a little more direction: create a layout that uses at least three different stamps - one geometric, one text, and one organic (swirl, artsy, etc.). If you make a mistake, work with it or leave it. Chances are, no one will ever notice except you - everyone else will see it as a totally cool artsy use of stamps. Embrace that!

Vellum: American Crafts; Cardstock: Archivers; Inkpads: Stampabilities, Rubber Stampede; Glue: Elmers; Markers: Crayola; Stamps: Kolette Hall, Vap! Scrap

Journaling reads:What can I say...I hate having my pic taken! But this photo is perfect...it shows how Keith always smiles and I usually stick out my tongue.

My stamp collection is not very big, so I became created in using my stamps! The title is one stamp, three different colors. The flower on the journaling block, was actually a scrap paper saved! The circles stamped on the vellum next to the picture are the same circle stamp used on the journaling block, but they shifted and wiggled when stamped down-and I loved the result they created of a circle on a square! A fun challenge!


My passion for photos

I love pictures and I love scrapbooking them. I began scrapbooking my senior year in high school after my mom suggested I make one for my graduation party. What started as a one time project has grown into a huge passion! I have my own scrapbooking section in the house and I have a list of favorite stores and companies where I buy my supplies! I have also fallen in love with the work of other scrapbookers--my favorite being Ali Edwards http://aliedwards.typepad.com. I love the stories that can be told with scrapbooking for myself and for those I love. There have been pages I've created that I love and pages that I've created that I cringe at. But I have learned that this is part of the art. I can progress my growth through my creativity and can learn that I am not perfect--a huge undertaking for a perfectionist!
Ali Edwards recently started sending out a weekly email newsletter with scrapbook challenges and then encourages people to post their results online. I have begun creating pages for these challenges digitally, and while the paper versions are still my favorite, I have fallen in love with the digital design--so much so that I am looking into buying Adobe Photoshop!
Below I have posted my digital layouts, have fun looking!


Change in the family

My Kawwa is getting married. I cannot believe that my little sis is getting married. Sara is graduating high school. It just seems like everything in my family is in a time of change and at times it feels good and other times it is scary.
It's weird to think that when Kalla gets married, Sara will be the only "Green" girl left--although I still have not been able to escape the name and part of me still doesn't want to. A "Green" girl was who I was for 20 years and that can't change overnight and if it ever did change I would probably question things about myself.
As for Sara graduating, I went with her to the college visit day at Mount St. Joseph and it was hard to grasp that my baby sis is 18 years old and will soon be going out to make a name for herself. In the last few years I have seen her grow up sooooo much and she has such a great head on her shoulders. She has become one of my best friends, and rarely goes that I don't talk top her at every couple days!
So to Kalla and Sara, I love you and no matter what happens in our family and lives we will always be the best of friends!