2 years!

I am so happy that I have got to spend the last 2 years-730 days with my amazing husband! Each day with him has been the best I have ever had and I wouldn't trade them for anything.
I love you, my mehun and happy anniversary!


He will be one of us!

It's official...as of Monday, August 6, we were matched with Arrick Andrews (this simply means that we can provide what he needs and are able to adopt)...so sometime after January 11, 2008 Arrick Andrews will become Seth David Arrick Green.
This boy is so cute and has won all of us over in the short amount of time he has been in our lives.


Caidan Alexander

So this weekend I got to meet the cutest little boy ever...Caidan Alexander Ronning.
He is just so cute and he loves to cuddle and he loves to be held. He is such an easy going baby and just so darn cute...I tried to leave with him this morning but his mommy and daddy wanted him so I gave him back but it was so hard to do.
Here are some pics of our weekend!Uncle Arrick and Caidan doing what they do best....SLEEPING!

Uncle Arrick tried to eat Caidan when all we wanted was a picture!

The good picture...no eating nephews allowed!

Kalla and Chris taught there dog to take the pacifier...and she really loved it!

My biggest competition when it came to holding Caidan...Auntie Sara.

I could have held him for ever and ever!

Up, up, up and away Caidan Baidan!

Aunt Betsy and Caidan are the best of friends!

Caidan finally let us know that he had had enough and no more pictures were going to be granted!