Like Mother, Like Son

Anyone in our family has said from the beginning that Caidan looks like Kalla...so that you may see I have a baby pic of Kalla (she's going to kill me!) and a picture of Caidan so that you can compare and make your own opinion on the matter...6 days and counting until I get to hold and cuddle the little man!


I love him...

I have not even met my new nephew yet...only 9 more days...but because his mommy and daddy are great at taking pictures I feel like I haven't missed anything and have fallen in love with this cute kid!


Love this boy...

Here is just a quick page I put together of the Ronning Family...home from the hospital and adjusting to their new lives!


I have a nephew

CAIDAN ALEXANDER RONNING was born on Wednesday evening, July 18, 2007. As I am in Cincy and my family is in Illinois most of the details are fuzzy. He was delivered by c-section perfectly healthy, it had just been too long. I will post more info and pics as I receive, as well Kalla as soon as she is able at http://www.kallagreen.blogspot.com/
Please keep Kalla in your prayers as she recovers and keep Chris, Caidan, and Kalla in your prayers for a smooth transition.


My last day...

It was so much harder than I thought. I miss my kids...and the hard part was I don't think they understood what was happening...they were just excited to have a party--cookies, ice cream muffins. And they just loved having their photos taken. I miss them so much!!!!!!
My new job is great but infants can never take the place of my WeeSchoolers...no child ever will.
Here are some of my favorite shots from my last days!
This is me and Andrew Elfers...Andrew moved up to the 3s room a few months ago from my room, but he is still one of my favorites and would always give me a hug when he saw me!

This is Zain...or Zain Man as we call him. This kid is a parrot and will repeat anything and continue to say anything until someone acknowledges him!Oh, Zachary! This kid told his mom once that, "Ms. Betsy is HOT!" He was always saying, "I love you, Ms. Betsy!" usually followed by, "And I love Garrett!" (one of the other boys in our class.

Brady, Brady, Brady...one of the cutest three year olds I know and has the biggest attitude...there is no one that cannot love this kid...he is just too cute...and he knows it!

Quinten Kaylor...or as he says, "Kinten Kaywer!" I love this kid, he is hyper and crazy, but can be the biggest cuddler and so easy to love.

Morgan Witten (the one I'm hugging) and her older sister, Taylor. These were my girls and saying bye to them was almost my breaking point...Taylor was practically in tears and I was close to.


He's here...

Arrick arrived at my parents tonight...and he is adorable. He is the sweetest little baby and immeadiately took to us all...just wanting to be loved. i got to feed him his first bottle in his new home and Zach got to hold a baby for the first time...it was so cute. So excited for this new family member.


Today I got one of the best gifts...a set of china!
Awhile ago my dad had picked up this awesome set of china from Goodwill...and when I saw it I fell in love! The colors and pattern were the perfect style for me...but I knew dad was going to sell it on ebay. Every time I was over at the house I would look at it and admire it.

Well today, after having gone garage saling with mom and Sara, I was looking at it as always when dad told me as an anniversary gift they were going to give me a six piece set! Dad said I could take it now (my anniversary isn't August, but Mom couldn't keep it a secret anymore). So I have my own set of china!

6 dinner plates, 6 salad plates, 6 bowls, 6 saucers and cups, and a serving bowl and platter. And it matches all my other dishes...so exciting!

Thanks mom and dad for the great gift!


Goodbyes and New Beginnings

It's time for new beginnings and time to say goodbye. Yesterday, July 2, I turned in my two weeks notice at work. For quite awhile now I knew I would be starting a new job, but was waiting for the company to give me a start date...the call came on Friday and I spent my weekend typing up my resignation letter and a letter to the parents of my leaving. I was definitely scared to be turning in my letter and having to be asked about where I was going. I am going to a competitor and I didn't want to cause friction my last two weeks. The owner at my current job did beg me to stay and I think will continue to do so until I leave...for me though, leaving is the right decision. For too long I have been extremely unhappy and dissatisfied with the management at my job and this was greatly affecting my attitude. I generally enjoy working and don't struggle with getting up in the morning to go to work...but lately my attitude has been shitty. So on Friday, July 13 I say good-bye to my co-workers and the families...a day I am excited about but also brings sadness.
On Monday, July 16 I began a new chapter in my life. I will be working the early shift...at work at 6:30 am, but will actually have time in the evening for things which makes me happy. I will be again working with an old co-worker and friend who I have missed greatly and hopefully will be happy about work again!
For once I think I am ready to embrace CHANGE!