Just a few more days...

In just a few more days...Saturday at the latest...I get to see my sister! Oh how I have missed Kalla. Three months is definitely to long to be apart. The summer was hard with her living in Houston...Her dealing with Chris...Her telling me about it...Me responding and being honest to her...Probably pissing her off sometimes-but I love her and miss her! I cannot wait to see Kalla...I feel bad for anyone who is in the general vicinity when I see her for the first time, because there will probably be a lot of screaming!
Come Saturday...I get to shop all day! For Sara's 18th birthday, I was going to take her up to the outlet malls and Columbus mall...Now with Kalla here, it will be all the Green girls together...Tons of laughing, plenty of beating each other up, and tons of inside jokes...That are meant only for us!!!!!
I can't wait for her to come!!!!! I will actually get to see her once a month for the next three months!!!! She visits this coming weekend (October), she will be here for Thanksgiving (November), and then her and Chris are coming before Christmas (December)! I am so looking forward to having my Kalla time!