My Camera...

...I picked out the camera I am going to get once the money comes!With it being a camera-the same as our old one-I already know how to work a lot of the features and I can't wait to have it to play with!


Scrapbook Overload

So I have a long list of scrapbbok stuff planned for this year and even though it is only the beginning of the year I am already feeling the pressure! But it will be fabalous once they are all complete!

1. Baby Ronning's baby book (Kalla, thank you so much for letting me do this!)
2. Kids' lifebooks (these are albums that will go to KeAwn, K'Von, and K'Liyah...they have to be done by February 25 and I only have one done!)
3. Finish my 2006 scrapbook
4. Scrapbook my own album of the kids'
5. Work on an opposite attracts album (more details to come later)
6. Create Kalla's wedding pages for myself
7. Make mom's pages for her album
8. Once he/she arrives make Baby Ronnign album (one for myself and one for mom)
9. If Keith gets me pictures, an album for his mom
10. If Keith gets me pictures, an album for his grandparents

In case you can't tell my free time will be used scrapbooking...but I must say I love it! Also, reorganizing my scrapbook room all based on color...pics to come when I get my new camera...oh so soon!


Baby's blog debut

My niece or nephew makes his/her picture debut!
Kalla is due on Wednesday, August 8, 2007--can't wait for this baby to come!


A Wedding and a Baby

Last Thursday we took our trip to Illinois for Kalla and Chris's wedding! On Friday, Kalla, Sara, Mom, and I headed up to IKEA---love it!!!! We then had the rehersal that night and got to meet Chris's family--such a great group of people. Saturday started with wedding preperation and then the ceremony and then dinner for both families. The wedding was beautiful, I am so happy for both Kalla and Chris! I have another brother! Pictures below!

Also on Saturday, Don and Jill Dudley had their baby boy: Justice Shalom! On Wednesday night, Keith, Scott, Sarah, and I went to visit the Dudley family of three and he is so cute!!!!!