So excited....

I am so excited about Baby Ronning! Kalla and Chris found out on Saturday the sex of the baby...all in a weird fluke--see Kalla's blog for more details www.kallagreen.blogspot.com! I know...but I'm not allowed to say yet! Am totally excited, because I now know what to shop for...clothes, toys, accessories!!!!! I can scrapbook and have the colors match...super excited!!!!!!!
More to come later!


This is how much I love scrapbooking....


See where it says allgirl003---that's me!!!! Yes, just because I read another scrappers blog, I get a cool book and a package of scrapbooking stuff...I will post pics of my prizes when they come! So excited!!!!!!!


So much to update

So I got my new camera! YEAH!!!! Have been on a major picture taking adventure...from things at home to kids at work...to pictures of myself...and of course my adorable husband. See pics below!

Also Keith finally got his XBox 360...I am addicted to BurnOut....and am pretty good at it...this is what our big screen tv at home with all the game systems look like!
Kalla is now 17.5 weeks along and a new belly picture update! So soon and we find out if it's a boy or girl!