9 weeks along...

So I had been bugging Kalla to send me pics to see how much she is showing...and she finally sent them, so I am going to be making scrapbook pages to document baby Ronning's growth and to show everyone how cute Kalla is!
I am so excited to be able to keep track of the changes for Kalla/Chris and myself!


To Highlight or Not To Highlight...

that is the question?
So my little bro wants to highlight his hair for Kalla's wedding and for just personal opinion, I am taking a poll.

Do you think it should be highlighted or left alone?

Leave a comment with your opinion.

Top Picture: non-highlighted hair
Bottom Picture: highlighted hair


AEzine Challenge 1.5.07

weekly challenge
This week your challenge is to create something, anything, that celebrates your chosen word for 2007. Maybe a layout. Maybe a blog posting or a journal entry or a simple post-it note that you put somewhere you can see it each day. Make sure to journal about why you chose your word and what it means for you - the more you let yourself explore the more benefit you will receive in the end.

So my word: express

I want to express my feelings, thoughts, and ideas more...I want others to feel those thoughts and ideas...I want to express who I am and what I am about...be ready for a lot of expressing!


Highlights of 2006

These are listed in no particular order!
  • Took a vacation to Hilton Head Island, SC with Keith and Scott and Sarah Sulek
  • Kalla moved to Houston for the summer...then to Illinois to live with Chris...she got engaged to Chris...her and Chris are expecting a baby!
  • I will be an aunt and Keith an uncle
  • Keith got to see where I came from...and he loved Plano, Illinois ;)
  • My car broke down more times than I can remember...on the highway, in parking lots, at work, just outside work
  • I spent most of my Sunday nights from summer on with two of the cutest boys ever...Mac and Te!
  • God had a plan that I still don't understand when he let the kids go live with their grandpa
  • We put our house up for sale

There are probably more things I am forgetting, but these were probably the most impactful!