For all those girls out there...

I know you will understand!
So I was busy cleaning and organizing today and saw my wedding dress in the closet. I decided, "Why not?" and tried it on...and to my surprise...it still fit--2.5+ years later! I was ecstatic. I came down to show Keith and he just laughed, but I felt good knowing it fit!


Visit from Kalla and Caidan

This past weekend Kalla and Caidan came for a visit and we had so much fun! I had seen the little man a month ago, but boy had he grown! He was so much more mobile...hard to keep him still and so much more interactive. He is though weary of people he is not familiar with so it took a little time for him to get used to us, except for Keith...he liked him right away!

Sleeping in the car on the way to shopping...Gap Outlet!
Playing with the Solomon girls' toys...they were so nice to share.
Looking up at whatever his silly mom is doing!
Talking on Aunt Betsy's phone...now if only he would do this when I am on the other end!
With Uncle Keith...they got along quite well! Though Keith was unsure of what to do!

I sat in the back with Caidan on all of our adventures and did anything I could to keep him occupied...this time we were playing peek-a-boo!


Turning One!

Seth turned one on March 24, so we celebrated on Easter Sunday and did we have fun. The little guy was taking a few steps before his birthday but was a big show-off during his party. Since he was an Easter time baby this year I had to get him some bunny ears--he wasn't a big fan, but his big bro Zach seemed to enjoy them.

Keith and I got Seth a popper for his birthday. For those of you who do not know about a popper it is a pushing toy that when it moves these plastic balls jump inside and make noise (much like the center of the game in Trouble). My parents have told all of us that when we have kids we will each get one because they are so annoying, so I could not pass on the opportunity of annoying my parents!

The bunny ears--I think they are adorable!

The popper--he loved it and cried when we took it away so that he could open the rest of his presents.

Starting on his cupcake...
...After the cupcake!