Interrupted break...

One thing I have learned through this 30 day challenge...I love my clothes, but certain ones bring attention to body parts/features that I would rather hide.
Most of these parts/features I do not like can be fixed with exercise and healthy eating.
My little sister, who is a huge inspiration to me is chronicling her weight lost here. So to support Sara and feel better about myself, I am going to change the way I do things. Each day I am going to try to chronicle my weight, eating habits, and exercise. Some days I will do great, others I will probably fail.
Along with this change, I have set goals like Sara. New workout shoes, a pedicure, and a new outfit (not from the thrift store :).

So here is where I began. I want to weigh 115 by December 31, 2010. I came to this number after researching what weight is appropriate for my body type/build. Today I weigh 127.

The plan/rewards:
123--I buy new workout shoes.
119--I get a pedicure.
115--I buy myself a new outfit.

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Sara said...

I am glad you are also trying to get in better shape so YOU feel better about yourself! We can do it!!