Day 2 of change

Today was a day of no exercise...I had to be at work at 6:30!

Breakfast was a banana, dry multigrain cheerios and a glass of milk.
Lunch was a grilled chicken breast, grilled peppers and squash, and garlic green beans from Whole Foods. Raspberry water too!
Dinner was a gyro and saratoga chips with water.
Dinner may have done me in for. Today was one of those days...being a girl made me feel like crap all day. After working 10.5 hours, then grocery shopping...I needed comfort food, for me that is a gyro! Dessert was an Amish Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwich from Jungle Jim's with milk!

We'll see at weigh-in tomorrow if it really affected me!

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kallaronning said...

Lately PB&Js are my comfort food! In 3 days I have 4! :)