Three's a Charm

Day 3-Tuesday, August 3, 2010
Skirt: Gap via Thrift Store
Tank: Old Navy via Outlet
Cardi: Target via Thrift Store
Shoes: Aerosoles via Thrift Store
Necklaces: Claires

This skirt is my favorite and super comfy! I kept it casual by keeping the tank untucked and long. A perfect outfit...but had I known I was going to be disassembling cribs at work, I would have switched outfits for the day! :)

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Don and Jill said...

This is fun. I checked in with the Kendra lady's site. It seems like a rich person's dilemma - having to "limit" your wardrobe to just 30 items for 30 days!!!
p.s. you look smokin hot in your pics!