Monday was hard...to hear those words she is gone...to know I was not here to say good-bye. I rejoice in the fact that I know she is somewhere better...there is no pain and tears and she is rejoicing in that.
Tomorrow is the family wake...very difficult to see the family and say goodbye.
Thursday is the visitation.
Friday the funeral.
Very emotional days to come, but many memories and stories to share!

Mimi I miss you and look forward to celebrating with you again one day!Mimi being feisty with Zach...she was one feisty lady!

Mimi and Papa with Keith and I at our wedding
Mimi and Papa together...45 years they were married

Mimi and Papa again

Mimi with Caidan...when she first became sick she did everything she could to still help with Caidan.

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Don and Jill said...

What a beautiful lady! I'm so sorry for your loss my dear friend.